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Quotidian Fiction Tweets About Philosophers

"Game one, de Landa!" Manuel yelled as he slammed the domino down. Bruno Latour babbled–"but, but, but"–and the crowd roared. — CMRN KNZLMN (@ckunzelman) January 7, 2013 Old Man Bogost looked out at the town. He could hear the stories … Continue reading

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Interview with Theron Jacobs

I conducted this email with Theron Jacobs over email. You can find him on twitter @TPHD Cameron: signal–noise–signal Theron: PERSONALLY, I IDENTIFY WITH NOISE C: So Theron, you’re a poet. There is a camp of video game studies that makes … Continue reading

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On Fighting Games

So I saw Lana Polansky tweet this: Fighting games are about the spirit of competition, social bonding and the thrill of the fight. Not bullying and intimidation. — Lana Polansky (@LanaMBP) February 28, 2012 My brain wheels immediately started reeling … Continue reading

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