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On Red Dead Redemption

1. I’m not good at analyzing Rockstar games. I’m not good at breaking them down and showing all of the pieces, holding each one up to my eye, judging it good or bad, and then parsing it all into a … Continue reading

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Replicating Myself in Saints Row 3

So this is my Boss in Saint’s Row 3. I don’t have a big point to make here. I just came off of a five day writing binge, so this blog is going to suffer for a few days. Oh well. … Continue reading

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My Niko Bellic

These are five moments that my Niko Bellic experienced in GTA IV. 1.  Niko Bellic walks out of the hospital. He touches his ribs. The giant green cross mounted on the side of the building gives everything  sick tint. Liberty … Continue reading

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