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“No One Criticized Bioshock Infinite Before!”

All week long I’ve been reading tweets that have intimated that there has been some kind of sea change opinion shift in the way that Bioshock Infinite was received by audiences. The entire conversation has had a kind of “these damn hipsters” … Continue reading

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Dark Souls’ Relationship To Its Concept Art

This is a fascinating piece on the concept art of Dark Souls. I don’t know if I buy the argument about micro/macro focalization (in that I don’t see to experience the games in the way that the designers clearly intend you … Continue reading

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On Fargo – Season 1

1. The use of the pastiche or the remix or the mashup in contemporary “prestige television” is everywhere. I can see it working on a couple different levels. On one level, it does the same work that stock plots have … Continue reading

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On Chloe Howl – “Rumour”

1. “Rumour” is predicated on Chlöe Howl’s gaze returning back to us. I don’t mean this in a familiar register — this isn’t warmed over Laura Mulvey with a reflective moment stapled on. There might be fertile fields here to understand … Continue reading

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liz ryerson on leaving games

the thing i love about game culture is so many people try and preserve what creations were left behind by a ruthless, brutal market and bringing it back to the forefront in a passionate, sincere way. that’s the best of … Continue reading

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Zoya Street and Aevee Bee on Discursive Violence

Zoya Street has a piece up at Medium with the subtitle “addressing peer hostility,” and it is about the ways that rage and violence, pushed through social media, marked and defined the past year. He does a great job of collating a … Continue reading

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David Lynch on Criticism

MC: I remember when I first saw `Fire Walk With Me’, at the Cannes film festival, there were loud boos – how does the apparent failure of a film like this affect you? DL: `Dune’ was a failure to me, because I … Continue reading

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On Deadword

Deadword‘s homepage reads: Launched in 1995, Word.com was one of the first-ever online magazines. In an era when the word “blog” hadn’t yet come into existence, Word captured individual voices telling honest, funny, weird, sad, and strange tales with a … Continue reading

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A Collection of Criticism About Gone Home

So Gone Home is 400% more interesting to me than Bioshock Infinite, but I did that collection of criticism about Infinite a while back, so here we are again. I’ll be updating this every time I read something that I think is interesting about the … Continue reading

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I Am In The New Five Out of Ten

The newest Five Out of Ten Magazine is out today. Edited by Alan Williamson, Five Out of Ten is a magazine of video game criticism written for a general audience of people who, you know, care about that thing. Important … Continue reading

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