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Bifo on the 1980s

At the threshold of the 1980s, punk had proclaimed the abolition of the future. Humanity no longer had any reason for remaining together. This was the feeling, the premonition. Nevertheless, the politicians, journalists, intellectuals of the time all hastened to … Continue reading

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Bifo on Imagination

We continue to use old forms of action but we will have to begin to imagine new forms that are capable of actually struggling against financial dictatorship. In my opinion, the first task – which we have begun to experience over the … Continue reading

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Figure/Ground Interview with Gary Genosko

As you see, I’m bad at giving advice. I can barely recommend readings. Books are toolboxes. They help to solve problems, answer questions, ask the right questions. They can be read in any way you can invent. They can be … Continue reading

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On Bifo’s The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance

IF YOU ARE COMING HERE FROM FACEBOOK, CAN YOU PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME WHY THERE IS SO MUCH TRAFFIC COMING FROM THERE TO THIS POST? I have also written about Bifo’s The Soul At Work and Ironic Ethics. I finished the last … Continue reading

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Bifo’s Ironic Ethics

I am an unabashed fan of Franco “Bifo” Berardi, especially when he is at the peak of his “grumpy older Italian man” kind of writing where he denigrates all technology in the name of a long-forgotten past. Ironic Ethics came to me … Continue reading

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