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On The Martian

Somewhere around the winter release of the film, Daniel Joseph tweeted this about Interstellar: Intersteller is a three hour long advertisement for the corn industry about an astronaut who loves his daughter. — DanJo.txt (@Daniel_Joseph) November 12, 2014 Daniel has a way … Continue reading

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Daniel Joseph on Grand Theft Auto V

While the creators at Rockstar might not have intended it or really cared to think about it, the characters they created were logical extensions of a hellscape, a world surrounded on all sites by invisible walls, clockwork traffic patterns simultaneously … Continue reading

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A Quick Note About Criticism and Bioshock Infinite

SPOILERZ FOR BIOSHOCK INFINITY AND BEYOND: THE RECKONINGThere is some video game adage that I have heard a few times that goes something like this: a video game gets more testing in the first week of release than it does … Continue reading

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Interesting Bioshock Infinite Posts, Podcasts, and General Things

So this is going to be the place where I collect posts about Bioshock Infinite that I find interesting and worth keeping up with for FUTURE THINGZ I WRITE. I’m a big fan of making these personal data collections public, so here’s … Continue reading

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On Kentucky Route Zero, Act 1

Warning: some vague spoilers about Kentucky Route Zero. This isn’t going to be long. I’m not going to address the comparisons to The Walking Dead that everyone is making (which I don’t understand at all). If you care about the conversation that has … Continue reading

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The Robo-proletariat

In a continuing cycle where Ben Abraham writes something, Daniel Joseph responds, and I comment on what they both wrote, here I am doing it again. Ben wrote a post titled “The End-Game of Labour Automation Meets Social Media” in … Continue reading

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On Players and Designers

Ben Abraham made a post about the claim game developers often make about “players” and what players want. What Ben comes to, in serious tl;dr fashion, is that “shit is complicated.” It is difficult to represent all possible humans in … Continue reading

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