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Ticketing After the End of the World

This is just a quick thing. I’ve watched several seasons of the show Parking Wars. The basic conceit of the show is that it follows parking authority officers around during ticketing, booting, and release procedures. Generally it is just about … Continue reading

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Jodi Dean Interviewed at Figure/Ground

As always, Figure/Ground has an exciting interview up, this time with Jodi Dean. My favorite part of the interview: F/G: In 2009, Francis Fukuyama wrote a controversial article for the Washington Post entitled “What are your arguments for or against tenure track?” In … Continue reading

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Bifo on Imagination

We continue to use old forms of action but we will have to begin to imagine new forms that are capable of actually struggling against financial dictatorship. In my opinion, the first task – which we have begun to experience over the … Continue reading

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The Robo-proletariat

In a continuing cycle where Ben Abraham writes something, Daniel Joseph responds, and I comment on what they both wrote, here I am doing it again. Ben wrote a post titled “The End-Game of Labour Automation Meets Social Media” in … Continue reading

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On Players and Designers

Ben Abraham made a post about the claim game developers often make about “players” and what players want. What Ben comes to, in serious tl;dr fashion, is that “shit is complicated.” It is difficult to represent all possible humans in … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Worst Design Moment in Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret have to save Aeris from Shinra. To do so, they have to make their way from the lower level of two-tiered Midgar to the top of “the plate.” The plate hangs over the lower … Continue reading

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On Games of Empire

I finished Nick Dyer-Witheford and Greig de Peuter‘s Games of Empire yesterday (then powered through Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology immediately after). The short version of my review is that Games of Empire is a great analysis of the material conditions that make up the system that … Continue reading

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