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Interesting Bioshock Infinite Posts, Podcasts, and General Things

So this is going to be the place where I collect posts about Bioshock Infinite that I find interesting and worth keeping up with for FUTURE THINGZ I WRITE. I’m a big fan of making these personal data collections public, so here’s … Continue reading

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On Bioshock Infinite

SPOILERS FOR BIOSHOCK INFINITE “There’s no point in asking.” “Why not?” “Because he doesn’t row.” “He doesn’t row?” “No, he DOESN’T row.” “Ah, I see what you mean.” My appraisal of Bioshock Infinite sits roughly in the same place that … Continue reading

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Nick Briz’s Apple Computers

Ben Syverson: That’s part of getting yourself in another ecosystem. It’s about adapting and the constraints and they force you to do this thing that you don’t necessarily want to do but you have to do it because if you … Continue reading

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You Buy It I Write It: The Polynomial

Is there a game you think I should write about? If you buy it for me on Steam, I will write about it. Check out the information here. There was a flurry of activity when I announced that I would … Continue reading

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On Anne and Beanie

This is a quick bit to match a quick game. Anne and Beanie is a short adventure-ish game (and by short, I mean the credits sequence might be longer than the game). It was made by a team of people … Continue reading

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Alan, Wake Up

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Heavy Metal Editor’s Note December 1978

This is the Xmas issue of HM. This is for all the people who saw one once and no one believed them. This if for all the people who have a fierce hairy animal living inside. Who believe it’ll all … Continue reading

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Video Game Critics: Check Out Some History

As some of you may know, I am technically in a film studies program even though I don’t do film work whatsoever. One of the required courses for my degree is an Advanced Film Theory course. In essence, the class … Continue reading

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Druillet’s “Agorn”

  This is a page from Heavy Metal v.1, issue #2. It is from 1977. It is from the story “Agorn” by Druillet. HOLY SHIT IS IT AMAZING I am overworked right now. No proper post. Just this image.

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Released: Oh No

I made a new game called Oh No. Go play it. So last night I was trying to implement a new combat system in RPG Maker VX ACE (which is literally hell to do). My idea is to make a JRPG where there … Continue reading

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