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“No One Criticized Bioshock Infinite Before!”

All week long I’ve been reading tweets that have intimated that there has been some kind of sea change opinion shift in the way that Bioshock Infinite was received by audiences. The entire conversation has had a kind of “these damn hipsters” … Continue reading

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Supplement to #RespectCon13 Talk

Today I am speaking at RespectCon about sexual violence in video games. This post is a collection of links that I talked about, and through, in the talk. 1. Jason Schreier “You’ll ‘Want to Protect’ the New, Less Curvy Lara … Continue reading

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A Quick Note About Criticism and Bioshock Infinite

SPOILERZ FOR BIOSHOCK INFINITY AND BEYOND: THE RECKONINGThere is some video game adage that I have heard a few times that goes something like this: a video game gets more testing in the first week of release than it does … Continue reading

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Richard Cobbett on Bioshock 2

The list goes on, but its most important element is that where BioShock was ultimately the story of a city, BioShock 2 is the story of its people – and in particular, a father and daughter relationship. On the surface … Continue reading

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Interesting Bioshock Infinite Posts, Podcasts, and General Things

So this is going to be the place where I collect posts about Bioshock Infinite that I find interesting and worth keeping up with for FUTURE THINGZ I WRITE. I’m a big fan of making these personal data collections public, so here’s … Continue reading

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On Bioshock Infinite

SPOILERS FOR BIOSHOCK INFINITE “There’s no point in asking.” “Why not?” “Because he doesn’t row.” “He doesn’t row?” “No, he DOESN’T row.” “Ah, I see what you mean.” My appraisal of Bioshock Infinite sits roughly in the same place that … Continue reading

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Kill Screen Interviews Ken Levine

I am going to see Jacques Ranciere later today, so I don’t have time to make a well thought-out post, but I did happen to see this fascinating interview with Ken Levine that Kill Screen posted the other day. I recommend reading the … Continue reading

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