Interesting Bioshock Infinite Posts, Podcasts, and General Things

So this is going to be the place where I collect posts about Bioshock Infinite that I find interesting and worth keeping up with for FUTURE THINGZ I WRITE. I’m a big fan of making these personal data collections public, so here’s the page. Bookmark it (no one uses those anymore, do they?) or whatever.


I am so serious that all of these pieces are great and you should read them all in full. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tweet them at me or put them in the comments so I can add them to the list.

I also want to be clear that I don’t agree with all of these, and there are some that I absolutely think are wrong, but I think getting an basic archive of the critical conversation is A GOOD THING TO DO that shouldn’t be tied to my own proclivities as A THINKIN’ DUDE THINKIN’ ABOUT VIDEO GAMEZ.

Here is a thread on NeoGaf (I know, I’m sorry) that neatly lays out the plot of Bioshock Infinite. If you need Bioshock Infinite explained, that is a good place to go.

You should assume that there are SPOILERS in all of these (even though it isn’t true.)


1. Courtney Stanton – “Booker Dewitt and the Case of the Young White Lady Feels: a Bioshock Infinite review

2. Oh No Video Games – “Spoilercast: Bioshock Infinite” (audio)

3. Kirk Hamilton – “The Problem with Bioshock Infinite’s Combat” (feat. Jon “UR GAME SUX” Blow)

4. Darius Kazemi – “Bioshock Infinite and Against the Day – bifurcated transdimensional twins?

5. Daniel Joseph
– “Bioshock Infinite & The End of History
– “On Universals, Formalism & the Critical Reception of Bioshock Infinite

6. Austin Walker –
– “On and Off the Rails: The Problem of Player Agency in Post-Bioshock Games
– “I Can See My House From Here: Bioshock Infinite, Nostalgia, and The Uncanny
– “This Is Not An Agent: Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth Problem

7. Tom Bramwell – “The Hall of Heroes: Bioshock Infinite’s Fort Frolic

8. Chris Kohler – “Letters from Columbia: Breaking Down Bioshock Infinite

9. Cameron Kunzelman (self promotion station) – “On Bioshock Infinite

10. Rab Florence – “On Bioshock Infinite

11. starburp (I’ll put a nonhandle if someone gives me one) – “untitled” [on race representation in BI}

12. flutibear – “to the anon who asked about Bioshock Infinite” [on the gendered nihilism of BI]

13. Devin Faraci and the Profoundly Boring Gimmick – “Hulk vs Devin vs Bioshock Infinite” [the second section by Faraci is the most significant to me]

14. Kirk Hamilton (sorry for the ableism) – “Bioshock Infinite Is Insanely, Ridiculously Violent. It’s a Real Shame” — Daniel Joseph responds with “Is Bioshock Too Violent?

15. Reid McCarter – “Booker DeWitt and the Guilt of a Nation

16. Adam Sessler with Jeff Gerstmann and Kevin VanOrd – “Bioshock Infinite SPOILED GAMES!” [a thirty minute talk on the game interspersed with video]

17. Anjin Ahnut – “Infinite Privilege

18. Alex R. – “God Only Knows

19. Cyril Kowalski – “Modern shooters and the atrophy of fun

20. Gary Alexander – “Columbia: Problematic Racism Theme Park

21. Kieron Gillen – “About A Girl: Assorted Thoughts on Bioshock Infinite

22. Brian Taylor – “Gamer’s Advisory: Bioshock Infinite

23. Daniel Golding – “Bioshock Infinite: an intelligent, violent videogame?

24. Michael Abbott – “Shooter apotheosis

25. Iris Ophelia – “The Devil’s In the Details: Bioshock Infinite Companion Elizabeth isBuilt to Breathe Life into the Most Mundane Moments

26. Low Score Podcast – (the last hour) “Put A Songbird on It

27. Claire Hosking – “Birds” [analysis of Elizabeth, the game’s internal relations, and a partial response to Courtney Stanton’s post at the top of this page]

28. Leigh Alexander – “Bioshock Infinite: Now Is The Best Time

29. Todd Harper – “Infinite Regress

30. Brett Douville – “Bioshock: Infinite

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  6. THANK YOU FOR THIS. As someone who hasn’t even gotten a chance to start Bioshock Infinite, and thus has had to avoid reading any of these, its nice to have an archive I can come back to once I finally finish the game. *bookmarks*

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  8. Simon says:

    Thanks. Is there another game that has been so thoroughly discussed?

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