Heavy Metal Editor’s Note December 1978

This is the Xmas issue of HM. This is for all the people who saw one once and no one believed them. This if for all the people who have a fierce hairy animal living inside. Who believe it’ll all turn out right after something important happens, but find the questions hard to take. Who collect things. Who can never find anything where they put it down, and dream of a big lost and found somewhere.

This is for people who make up islands, planets, and houses with one of everything. Who would prefer color pictures in black and white and vice versa. Who can see river maps on printed pages. Who keep getting hints. Who can imagine giant dwarves.

This is for people who hum along in elevators. Who imagine being stranded with every busload. Who don’t step on cracks. Make up their own words. Rehearse acceptance speeches. Put things in arbitrary piles.

This issue goes with our best wishes to the people who can’t help it. Who suspect coincidences, and get the words motor and mother mixed up, who imagine everything on a different scale, vast mosquitoes and tabletop Alps.

Seasons Greetings to everyone who can’t wait and wishes nothing were ever, really, over.

Heavy Metal Editor’s Note December 1978 v.2 #08

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