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Foucault on the Biopolitics of Socialism

One thing at least is certain: Socialism has made no critique of the theme of biopower, which developed at the end of the eighteenth century, and throughout the nineteenth; it has in fact taken it up, developed, reimplanted, and modified … Continue reading

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Thinking About Trolls with Foucault

I was reading through Foucault’s Madness and Civilization this morning when I ran into this passage from the second-to-last section, “The Birth of the Asylum”: Madness is childhood. Everything at the Retreat [a specific asylum Foucault is analyzing] is organized so that … Continue reading

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Michel Foucault On Video Games–I Mean Neo-Liberalism

I think that the uncoupling of of the market economy and laissez-faire policies was achieved, or was defined, at any rate, its principle was laid down, when the neo-liberals put forward a theory of pure competition in which competition was … Continue reading

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Bob Plant on Foucault on Sadomasochism

Let me be clear, I am not suggesting that S&M necessarily involves malice (or that its practitioners naturally harbor some ‘deep violence’), but rather that the possibility of such non-strategic eventualities has a productive function here. That a specific game could degenerate … Continue reading

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Halberstam on disciplinarity

Indeed terms like serious and rigorous tend to be code words, in academia as well as other contexts, for disciplinary correctness; they signal a form of training and learning that confirms what is already known according to approved methods of knowing, but they do … Continue reading

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Lots of People Are Liking “Oh No”

So Oh No, my game about escaping Michel Foucault, has been enjoyed by quite a few people. First there was this Metafilter thread. Then there was this Paris Review blog post. It led me to a lot of people tweeting about … Continue reading

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Released: Oh No

I made a new game called Oh No. Go play it. So last night I was trying to implement a new combat system in RPG Maker VX ACE (which is literally hell to do). My idea is to make a JRPG where there … Continue reading

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