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Sara Wookey on Why She Refused To Be A Part of Marina Abramovic’s MOCA Performance

I am writing to address three main points: One, to add my voice to the discourse around this event as an artist who was critical of the experience and decided to walk away, a voice which I feel has been … Continue reading

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On Jenn Culp’s “Makeup Mondays”

This blog has variously, depending on my mood, been about comics, video games, and my various academic concerns, and most recently that has turned into my writing about art that I’ve cared about on the internet. For a quick recap, … Continue reading

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Ann Hirsch’s “Scandalishious”

This is the first thirty minutes of Ann Hirsch performance. She lived the life of a youtube “camwhore” (her words) for a significant amount of time, and I think this is the culmination of that work as a performance for … Continue reading

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A Still From Every Audience Reaction Shot In Paola Antonelli’s TEDSalon NY2013 Talk “Why I Brought Pac-Man To MoMA”

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Nick Briz Profiled At Rhizome

Do you actively study art history? + Do you read art criticism, philosophy, or critical theory? If so, which authors inspire you? yes && yes. I’m xtreamly interested in the parallel/perpendicular + complementing/contradicting + fringe && mainstream narratives that make … Continue reading

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A Cups Podcast

HEY I have had a long day so this is short. Angela Washko and Ann Hirsch have a new podcast called A Cups where they talk about their own art and the art of guests. I listened to the first two episodes … Continue reading

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The Silk Pavilion

  The Silk Pavilion explores the relationship between digital and biological fabrication on product and architectural scales. The primary structure was created of 26 polygonal panels made of silk threads laid down by a CNC (Computer-Numerically Controlled) machine. Inspired by … Continue reading

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I Have Launched A Kickstarter for A Scary Game

You might remember that last year I created a kickstarter where I basically just asked for $200 to make whatever the hell I wanted in game form. I set a release date, made fun of Kickstarter, and went quiet for … Continue reading

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On Monster Loves You!

My taste in games has altered over the past few months. I am less and less willing to put thirty hours, much less forty, sixty, or eighty, into a game. Although I spent last year playing some long games (most … Continue reading

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A Quick Note About Criticism and Bioshock Infinite

SPOILERZ FOR BIOSHOCK INFINITY AND BEYOND: THE RECKONINGThere is some video game adage that I have heard a few times that goes something like this: a video game gets more testing in the first week of release than it does … Continue reading

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