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On Darius Kazemi’s “Zeno of Elea”

I should have spent the break between semesters planning my course materials for the spring and working on my thesis, but instead I was playing World of Warcraft for “research,” which really meant performing the rote task of grinding in order to … Continue reading

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Craig Perko on Bot Fandom

Like any kind of automation, it’s not that the human is written out. It’s that the task of believing, of being a fanboy… is being augmented. Fewer humans can accomplish more of the “fanboy” task. The fanboy robot does not … Continue reading

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Interesting Bioshock Infinite Posts, Podcasts, and General Things

So this is going to be the place where I collect posts about Bioshock Infinite that I find interesting and worth keeping up with for FUTURE THINGZ I WRITE. I’m a big fan of making these personal data collections public, so here’s … Continue reading

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On Game Centered Criticism

So I woke up yesterday morning and did some work and then read Twitter. There were some tweets that Patricia Hernandez made about games and games criticism. So I wrote some tweets and she responded to them and we had … Continue reading

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Darius Talks Operation: Make Stuff

So those of you following Operation: Make Stuff will be delighted to know that Darius has said some words about kickstarter, my begging for money, and his proclivities as a game player. It is basically the most brilliant video that … Continue reading

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A Battle Before the Beginning of Time

I am fascinated with the idea of the “battle before time” in video games. A conflict that happened before the player existed, independent of the game world’s existence as only there for player consumption. I, like a few others (most especially … Continue reading

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