Released: Oh No

I made a new game called Oh No. Go play it.

So last night I was trying to implement a new combat system in RPG Maker VX ACE (which is literally hell to do). My idea is to make a JRPG where there isn’t any combat, but you do have to type out long sentences to defeat enemies.

Anyway, after screwing around with that for way too long, I thought about making a Construct 2 game where you had to do something like Travis Chen’s Typing Karaoke in order to stay ahead of a monster that was chasing you. An infinite runnertyper, basically.

The song was intended to be Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” fyi.

When I realized how much effort that would take, I immediately scaled back. I wanted to make something fast and fun.

What I ended up with is Oh No. The basic idea is that you are running and need to hit buttons, DDR-style, to always stay one step ahead of the terrifying wraith head of Michel Foucault. A weird cropped picture of a 19th century French artwork scrolls behind you.


Anyway, I think it is pretty fun, so you can play it here.

It is probably better if you play it drunk with a lot of friends.

You can see all of the games I have made at 

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  1. 58365936 says:

    So I’m guessing the message here is that gamers vehemently deny that their beloved activity can be part of a subjectivity-forming cultural discourse. They desperately want to believe that there is an improbable barrier between their conscience, their perception of acceptable behavior and the messages/symbols found in video games. There is an overwhelming amount of gamers who think blatant military propaganda is mere entertainment, and that violent images and virtual actions have no effect on adults whatsoever. They can’t stomach a thinker like Foucault (even less Adorno & Horkheimer!) who describes how power permeates cultural products.

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