I Am In The New Five Out of Ten

The newest Five Out of Ten Magazine is out today.

Edited by Alan Williamson, Five Out of Ten is a magazine of video game criticism written for a general audience of people who, you know, care about that thing. Important to note is that the writing in the magazine isn’t geared toward “gamers” as a specialized audience. All of the essays in the magazine use games as a touchstone for social or personal issues; video games are merely a gate for writers to access personal experiences and stories.

I mention all of this because I am in this issue of Five Out of Ten.

I have two essays–the first is about “second gaming” and how having my most significant gaming experiences come from thrift store purchases as a kid really altered the way I view video games as a medium.

The second is about my ethical vegetarianism and how my politics altered my play habits in Minecraft and other games that take violence towards animals as an integral part of their gameplay.

I’m a fan of Five Out of Ten for a number of reasons, but in particular is the way that profits are shared among the contributors: for every purchase of this issue of Five Out of Ten, I make something around $1. That might not sound like a big deal, but a couple hundred purchases would really help me out. If you like the writing I do here on this blog, or you like my twitter, or you hate me but want to make me rich, consider purchasing the issue.

It comes out to around $5.60 USD, which is somewhere slightly north of a cup of coffee.

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  1. Black Steve says:

    That’s some crazy expensive coffee, dog.

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