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Dark Souls’ Relationship To Its Concept Art

This is a fascinating piece on the concept art of Dark Souls. I don’t know if I buy the argument about micro/macro focalization (in that I don’t see to experience the games in the way that the designers clearly intend you … Continue reading

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Brian Taylor on Cameras (and The Last of Us)

Audiences know that you can’t make a film without a camera. For a long time, Hollywood-style editing and cinematography developed to minimize the audience’s awareness of the camera. What would have been unacceptable in these films, visual acknowledgement of the … Continue reading

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On Weaponized Architecture

I’ve been anticipating Leopold Lambert‘s Weaponized Architecture since I became aware of it last fall. After wrestling with Amazon pushing my order for three months, I finally bit the proverbial book bullet and ordered it from the United Kingdom. After a short … Continue reading

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Leopold Lambert on Architecture and Occupation

Occupation is a second way that architecture is used to serve military purposes. Of course one could think of the Roman Legion’s settlement and some other temporary military structures; nevertheless, it seems more interesting here to understand the word military … Continue reading

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Rasmussen on Architecture and History

Thus, in the Spanish Steps we can see a petrification of the dancing rhythm of a period of gallantry; it gives us an inkling of something that was, something our generation will never know. Rasmussen, Experiencing Architecture 136

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Rasmussen and Architecture

A painter’s sketch is a purely personal document; his brush stroke is as individual as his handwriting; an imitation of it is a forgery. This is not true of architecture. The architect remains anonymously in the background. Here again he … Continue reading

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