My Fascination With Weedopia


Weedopia is a RPG Maker game from Gaming Roach Entertainment that they are currently attempting to kickstart for six thousand Canadian dollars. It does not appear that they are going to make it, but I’m fascinated by the idea that someone might try to make this thing a reality.

A gloss on Weedopia: it is a traditional Japanese-style role playing game where everything is marijuana-themed. The villain is Lord Nohemp. A sidekick is named Tokachu. There is a pot-themed crafting system. Everything about it screams “weed! weed is so cool!” and I love it.

Which is weird, because I don’t care much for that kind of thing in general. I don’t smoke it, and I’m not caught up in “pot culture.” I don’t have button-down shirts covered in leaf patterns, and I don’t think I’ve even seen an issue of High Times in years.

What I love about Weedopia is that it leans into its theme as hard as possible without ever giving any hint that this might be sarcastic or comedic. Hell, it is probably isn’t, and the fact that it rides this line of complete and total ambiguity regarding its potential ironic theme is absolutely wonderful to me. I don’t love it because of its post-ironic hypersincerity, but precisely because there is no way to know what its position on itself is. It is a beautiful, opaque object, and displays this fact better than most fine art objects enshrined in galleries.


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2 Responses to My Fascination With Weedopia

  1. Keven Fortin says:

    Yeah I stumbled on this game a couple of weeks ago and I actually played the demo on the weedopia website. I agree with everything you said and I also don’t smoke it. Gotta say the game is pretty damn good. The storyline so far is solid and although I feel like this should be a funny game, it’s actually quite serious. The crafting system is awesome and specially growing your own crops lol. I can’t wait for the finished product. I’ve followed the creators for a bit and it appears that no matter what the game will get completed and I think he said something like if kickstarter doesn’t come through, he’ll just use his own money to achieve the completion of the game.

    The demo is a solid 3 and a half hours (for me) on the main quest and I can still keep playing just to grow, process and sell weed. And the irony is that the creator, it would appear, does not even smoke weed either lol.

    So far gotta give this game a good 4 out 5. But that’s also cause I enjoy the classic 2d games like Final Fantasy and Zelda from SNES.

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