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Alfred Bester on What a Science Fiction Author Does

The mature science fiction author doesn’t merely tell a story about Brick Malloy vs The Giant Yeastmen from Gethsemane. He makes a statement through a story. What is the statement? Himself, his own dimension and depth. His statement is seeing … Continue reading

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How I Write About Magic: The Gathering

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of previewing some cards from Oath of the Gatewatch for Paste (if you haven’t seen that, it’s here). If you read the short blurbs I wrote about each card, you’ll notice that they don’t … Continue reading

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de Certeau on Writing and Death

To write (this book), then, is to be forced to march through enemy territory, in the very area where loss prevails, beyond the protected domain that had been delimited by the act of localizing death elsewhere. It is to produce … Continue reading

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On Deadword

Deadword‘s homepage reads: Launched in 1995, Word.com was one of the first-ever online magazines. In an era when the word “blog” hadn’t yet come into existence, Word captured individual voices telling honest, funny, weird, sad, and strange tales with a … Continue reading

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Maureen Ryan on the Writing of Breaking Bad

This week is DiGRA so I’m blog-light, but I’m still reading things. So there is this great piece. “Breaking Bad” is an undoubtedly a great show, but, as is the case with too many television dramas, for while there it … Continue reading

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Alan Moore on Writing

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I Am In The New Five Out of Ten

The newest Five Out of Ten Magazine is out today. Edited by Alan Williamson, Five Out of Ten is a magazine of video game criticism written for a general audience of people who, you know, care about that thing. Important … Continue reading

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The End of Proust

The body immures the mind within a fortress; presently on all sides the fortress is beseiged and in the end, inevitably, the mind has to surrender. – Proust, Time Regained p. 512 There’s something bitter about an ending. I’ve had … Continue reading

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