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Lived Nonhuman Ethics

My core concern, both academically and also personally, is working through the question of what it means to be ethical to nonhumans. Most often that takes the form of the human ethical relationship to animals. That said, my ethical concerns … Continue reading

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A Diagram of Principles

So the Institute of Critical Animal Studies released their new diagram of ten principles. I am reproducing it below. It got me thinking. I thought a lot. I thought so much. And then I made my own. I present to … Continue reading

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On Shank and The Butcher

Shank is a simple revenge story. The player controls a guy named Shank who, well, shanks and shoots and chops lots and lots of enemies. It is mass carnage as only video games can do–there is basically no consequence for player … Continue reading

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Flusser on life

Life on earth is a specialized formulation or organization of this peculiar solution. Essentially, life can be regarded as drops of specialized seawater that eventually dissipate into unspecialized seawater. If we can imagine another planet covered in oceans of even … Continue reading

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James Kochalka’s “In Defense of Meat”

I wrote a little bit about how unhappy I was with James Kochalka’s “In Defense of Meat” a few days ago (in the context of a much larger, glowing review of Digestate.) James commented that he thought that I was misrepresenting his … Continue reading

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On Digestate: A Food & Eating Themed Anthology

I think that Digestate was the first thing that I kickstarted. As you may know, I think the very idea of kickstarter in the field of videogames is kind of a hole in the ground. It preys on nostalgia and it has … Continue reading

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On Dishonored

Weirdly, I don’t have a lot to say about Dishonored, positive or negative. My initial impressions were profoundly bad, but everything after the second mission or so was so heavily focused around being the most vanilla experience ever that I … Continue reading

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Two New Essays That Are Brilliant

So there are two essays that have come out recently that I think are awesome. I want you to check them out. The first is James Stanescu’s “Toward a Dark Animal Studies: On Vegetarian Vampires, Beautiful Souls, and Becoming-Vegan.” I … Continue reading

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Hypatia Symposium: Feminists Encountering Animals

As frequent readers of this blog probably know, I come out of a strong feminist background. I was incredibly lucky to work with a number of really brilliant feminist scholars when I was in undergrad, and basically anything smart about … Continue reading

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A Brilliant Bit By Erin Manning

I am writing a conference paper and crunch time is upon us. I don’t have a lot of time for blog posts, but I think you will want to read this bit by Erin Manning from her book The Politics of … Continue reading

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