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Donald Trump Is Created In Postproduction

the media existence of Trump is based on the "clip" format — Donald Trump is constructed in postproduction https://t.co/dyZIgNXqCa — cmrn knzlmn (@ckunzelman) July 18, 2016 I just wanted to take a minute to expand on this tweet I made … Continue reading

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Radiation, Animals, Media

Ron Broglio has a short article up at The Atlantic that does a little bit of delving into the animals who live in and around highly radioactive sites like Chernobyl. There’s something really interesting going on with the example of the radioactive … Continue reading

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Released: On August 11, A Ship Sailed Into Port

If you’re supporting my Patreon, you received access to this game yesterday. On August 11, A Ship Sailed Into Port is a simulation of what it is like to run an online magazine, or at least what I think that process … Continue reading

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On The Last Broadcast

I watched The Last Broadcast recently. I really liked the film (though I thought the end was a cheesy cop out), and if you’ve seen The Blair Witch Project, there are some really interesting shared aspects between the two films. The Last Broadcast came out … Continue reading

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Is the Aura the Same as Affect? A Response to a Lingering Question

I have a friend who has been asking Benjamin scholars, for a few years now, if affect and the aura are the same thing. It is a fair question, and there isn’t a hard answer to it, but I am … Continue reading

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