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Hauntology and Extinction: The Case of Some Weird Bugs

NPR posted a story a little while back about these giant insects that went extinct except for a few surviving members that lived under a bush on a giant rock outcropping in the ocean. It sounds like something out of … Continue reading

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Derrida on Althusser (dead)

At the bottom, I know that Louis doesn’t hear me; he hears me only inside me, inside us (though we are only ever ourselves from that place within us where the other, the mortal other, resonates). And I know well … Continue reading

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Derrida Accidentally Wrote About The Power of the Selfie in 1981

Time: the metonymy of the instantaneous, the possibility of the narrative magnetized by its own limit. The instantaneous in photography, the snapshot, would itself be but the most striking metonymy within the modern technological age of an older instantaneity. Older, … Continue reading

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