Harvest Moon: Extreme Ethical Farmer Edition – Part 1

So I recorded my first Let’s Play today.

A little while ago I asked if Harvest Moon was vegan on twitter in a sort of half-serious way. Line Hollis said that it might be, so I thought that the only thing I could do was to try it out. That’s what we have here.

What I mean by “vegan” is pretty vague. I’m not sure what the game actually entails and how deep the systems go, but I want to minimize the amount of harm that I do to animals in the game while still maintaining a successful farm. That might be easy or it might be hard, I’m not sure yet, but I will definitely lay that out as I am playing the game.

This is my first Let’s Play and it is very bare bones–it is me talking while I play the game. I’ve never played the SNES Harvest Moon before and I’m not looking at a walkthrough so you’re getting to see me bumble my way through the game. In this first video I waste a lot of stuff, wander around, pick up my dog, and then grow some radishes. I talk to myself and occasionally say things that might be important, but mostly you just get my awful voice and the peace of knowing that I’m awful at video games while you are watching.

The process was fairly easy, so I intend on playing through the entire game this way in 30-60 minute chunks.


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