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You Buy It, I Play It: Lifeless Planet

Lifeless Planet is a beautiful object. It’s graphically “simple” in the contemporary world of both prestige and grungy independent game development. The astronaut you play as is this wonderful almost-lump that can double jump by using his astronaut jet pack (my … Continue reading

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Mages and Murderdads – Episode 1

Check out the new show that Danni and I are doing called Mages and Murderdads. The whole concept is that we’re playing through the Baldur’s Gate franchise. That’s it!

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Ian Williams on Total War: Warhammer

I really enjoyed this piece by Ian Williams over at Giant Bomb about how Total War: Warhammer fits into the business plans of world-creators Games Workshop. What I especially like about it is how Williams contextualizes the kind of rubber-band relationship that Games Workshop … Continue reading

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Magic: The Gathering – Butt Company

Here’s a TappedOut link to a Magic deck that I made for the Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day.  It’s called “Butt Company“, and it’s a fun little brew that I came up with when I decided that I didn’t want to buy very … Continue reading

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On Nite Fite (2016)

Damian Sommer has made this strange little machine called Nite Fite. In the tradition of the evolution simulator, Nite Fite gives us four little mages (?) who live in bubbles and constantly swing maces at each other. The ones who die inherit traits … Continue reading

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Five Thoughts on the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trailer

The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer was released today. Here are five thoughts about it. 1. The Call of Duty franchise, once it inched away from World War II, has been bathed in paranoia. It’s all Tom Clancy styled nonsense, but it all … Continue reading

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On Dark Souls and Easy Modes

I. One time I was hanging out with a friend while she was streaming Dark Souls. She was in Sen’s Fortress, and there were these weird boulders rolling around the level. When she got outside, there was a giant standing there … Continue reading

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Ben Woodard on Firewatch

Thus, if a game like Bioshock exhibited the tension between free will and control in the canned choices of games as such, Firewatch could be viewed as attempting an affective or emotional version of this, between hiding in the present … Continue reading

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Games Reviewed In Arts ATL

My games were recently featured in a show called “More Light” at the Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta, and Dan Weiskopf wrote up a review of that show. He has nice things about the games overall, and I’m glad that they … Continue reading

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The Division and Kicking the Narrative Can

There are spoilers for The Division in this post.  I recently completed the story missions for The Division. I had enjoyed the game for what it was, ripped from libertarian pages of a 1990s Tom Clancy thriller, and despite an immense amount … Continue reading

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