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Magic: The Gathering – Butt Company

Here’s a TappedOut link to a Magic deck that I made for the Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day.  It’s called “Butt Company“, and it’s a fun little brew that I came up with when I decided that I didn’t want to buy very … Continue reading

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Shadows Over Innistrad Preview at Paste

Earlier today an piece went up where I nerded out about the vampires of Magic: The Gathering as a way of talking about some of the cool new cards in the cool new set Shadows Over Innistrad. Check it out.

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Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch

I went to the latest Pro Tour event, and you can read my write up of the event over at Paste.

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Oath of the Gatewatch’s Most Interesting Cards

I’ve been writing lists of the most interesting cards of the most recent Magic: The Gathering sets, and the articles are somewhere between useful and total frivolity. I just wrote another one about Oath of the Gatewatch. I’m literally writing about the … Continue reading

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A Magic Ad From 1997

I have nothing to say about this wonderful Magic: The Gathering ad other than it is perfect in all ways. “Like the magic of life, you can’t win if you don’t play.”

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How I Write About Magic: The Gathering

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of previewing some cards from Oath of the Gatewatch for Paste (if you haven’t seen that, it’s here). If you read the short blurbs I wrote about each card, you’ll notice that they don’t … Continue reading

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Playing Defense in the Battle for Zendikar

The newest Magic the Gathering set, Battle for Zendikar, will go into prerelease this weekend. What that means, if you aren’t in the know, is that people will be able to go to events and play with the cards of the … Continue reading

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