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Five Thoughts on the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trailer

The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer was released today. Here are five thoughts about it. 1. The Call of Duty franchise, once it inched away from World War II, has been bathed in paranoia. It’s all Tom Clancy styled nonsense, but it all … Continue reading

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On the Incredulity of Call of Duty

Quickly: Currently I’m working on my thesis and I’m stuck at home variously because of inclement weather and so I’ve been putting quite a few hours into Call of Duty Ghosts in order to both clear my head and avoid work. I … Continue reading

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“It’s like Call of Duty”

The Defense Department has a secret state-of-the-art control center in Dubai with an IMAX-size screen at the front of the main room that can project video feed from dozens of drones at once. The Air Force has been directed to maintain capability … Continue reading

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Kids Like Angry Birds

This might seem really obvious, and while I have some sad things to say at the bottom of the post, I want to try to be positive up here. This is an article written by a teacher in Canada. The … Continue reading

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