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You Buy It, I Play It: Lifeless Planet

Lifeless Planet is a beautiful object. It’s graphically “simple” in the contemporary world of both prestige and grungy independent game development. The astronaut you play as is this wonderful almost-lump that can double jump by using his astronaut jet pack (my … Continue reading

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Let’s Play: Heavy Rain

We recently finished our let’s play of the magical game Heavy Rain, and if you would like to watch all 19 episodes of that please go here. I think it’s an interesting game if only for the way that it fails, … Continue reading

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On Broken Age

A few weeks ago I played through Broken Age, the “Double Fine Adventure” that went through a rollercoaster of development, release, and fan-relationship troubles. It’s an adventure-game-ass adventure game, and being true to the lineage of a very particular time period … Continue reading

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On The Last Door: Season 1

The Last Door is a strange little point and click horror game that is (I believe) going to stretch over two seasons. It has a lot to love in it, and it has a familiar aesthetic for anyone who has played … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Rollercoaster Tycoon – Dynamite Dunes

Following up on my playthrough of the Forest Frontiers level of Rollercoaster Tycoon is my weird, mixed-up attempt at Dynamite Dunes. You get to see me work through lots and lots of problems here both mechanically and aesthetically. I make a path … Continue reading

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Epanalepsis Trailer

I’ve been making a game for the last six months called Epanalepsis. It is a science fictiony game about time and cities and contemporary life and it doesn’t really fit a lot of the traditional boundaries of adventure games. It will … Continue reading

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Epanalepsis Dev Log #1

As I get closer to releasing Epanalepsis, I am going to be making posts over at the official Epanalepsis blog about what I’m thinking about, how I’m designing the game, etc etc etc. The first is called “Narrative Lessons from Anton Chigurh.”

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Released: Marginalia

For some reason I forgot to post this over here, but Connor Sherlock and I recently released a Dear Esther-like horror game about temporality, longing, and loss called Marginalia. Also, some real creepy feelings (but no jump scares!) There are two … Continue reading

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Released: Carl, A Dawdling Guest

Hello! This is a game that I made and released a few weeks ago. It has been a Patreon page exclusive for a very long time, but now everyone can play it! Whee!   PLAY IT HEEEERE  

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Game Criticism Time Machine: Lyndon Warren on his Digital Dark Age

Game Criticism Time Machine is a weekly series where I find game criticism from more than a year ago, post an excerpt, and encourage you to read the piece. That is the box which contains all of my earliest childhood … Continue reading

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