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Mages and Murderdads – Episode 4

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Mages and Murderdads – Episode 1

Check out the new show that Danni and I are doing called Mages and Murderdads. The whole concept is that we’re playing through the Baldur’s Gate franchise. That’s it!

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Appearance on A Momentary Pause

I was recently on Kevin King’s podcast A Momentary Pause to talk about my game “The Old Man and the Sea.” You can listen to my appearance here. Kevin is a great person, and he asks really wonderful, specific questions. The back catalog … Continue reading

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Appearance on Abnormal Mapping

I was recently on Abnormal Mapping to talk about Metal Gear Solid 3 and the weird world of Hideo Kojima. I had a great time, and it’s an excellent podcast. Check it out here.

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Kilmercast Episode 5

Time for Kilmercast ep.5, in which we talk about Macgruber, the only film with Chekhov’s celery-in-the-butt. Listen here or subscribe and rate on iTunes!

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Kilmercast Episode 3 and a New Website!

First thing is that Kilmercast has a new home on its own website! Second this is that we have a new episode on the Val Kilmer cornerstone film Top Gun. This is our best episode yet, and I think we’ve really … Continue reading

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Kilmercast Episode 2 Released

As you may know, my friend Laurel and I have created a podcast called Kilmercast where we are watching the films of Val Kilmer and talking about them in podcast form. For the first episode we watched geek classic Real Genius, … Continue reading

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A Cups Podcast

HEY I have had a long day so this is short. Angela Washko and Ann Hirsch have a new podcast called A Cups where they talk about their own art and the art of guests. I listened to the first two episodes … Continue reading

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You Can Listen To Me Talk About Horror Games

A few weeks ago Tara Ogaick asked me if I wanted to do some kind of vlog or podcast or whatever about horror games, and after fumbling around for a few weeks we finally arranged schedules to get some words … Continue reading

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A List of Podcasts I Listen To

Podcasts are a thing that come up from time to time in conversation, and I always say something like “I like XYZ podcast, you should check it out!” We all know how that kind of talk goes, though, and without … Continue reading

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