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You Buy It, I Play It: Lifeless Planet

Lifeless Planet is a beautiful object. It’s graphically “simple” in the contemporary world of both prestige and grungy independent game development. The astronaut you play as is this wonderful almost-lump that can double jump by using his astronaut jet pack (my … Continue reading

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The Year of the Games 2013

Spark Clarkson does a thing every year where he asks a number of games critics to pick a game of the year and then write a little about it. I was lucky enough to be invited last year and now this … Continue reading

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Responding to Sparky Clarkson Responding to Remember Me

A couple days ago Sparky Clarkson posted this great analysis of Remember Me that immediately generated an emphatic “nuh uh!” like I was some super whiny 90s baby with a huge chip on my shoulder about video games and my oh-so-precious … Continue reading

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