Supplement to my Queer Games Talk At Strange Relations

So this is the supplement to my talk “Machines and Connective Tissue: The Queer Renaissance in Video Games.”

Articles/Blog Posts/Words

I think it is profoundly important to avoid speaking for, especially when the queer games community is a very prolific community when it comes to thinking about their own work. What follows is a short list of blog posts, talks, etc. that have been written by queer games developers and critics. (Note: if anyone has anything to add, feel free to tweet me or comment and I will add things.) Also, this isn’t meant to be a “best of.” It is things that I read while preparing my talk that I thought were particularly insightful.


So here is a list of queer games that I think are particularly great. It is a mix of both Twine, which I mentioned in my talk, and other things. Obviously, this isn’t exhaustive, but I think it is a good primer as far as the plurality of queer games and what they do. What can a body do/what can a queer game do and all of that.

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