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On 1996

1996 is a serialized comic by Chantal Montellier published in early issues of Heavy Metal magazine (also in this really expensive volume by Vertigo). It functions in much the same way that 1984 does, although there isn’t a narrative that stretches through all of the comics. … Continue reading

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Halberstam on disciplinarity

Indeed terms like serious and rigorous tend to be code words, in academia as well as other contexts, for disciplinary correctness; they signal a form of training and learning that confirms what is already known according to approved methods of knowing, but they do … Continue reading

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The Long Tomorrow

“The Long Tomorrow” is a short story by Dan O’Bannon and Moebius that appeared in Heavy Metal in 1977. Serialized over several issues, “The Long Tomorrow” is (probably) one of the more influential pieces of future noir; Ridley Scott supposedly based the … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note to Heavy Metal v1 #8

In our local bookstore and yours, too, in the section where the self-help books were (replacing the women’s liberation books, which in turn had replaced the American Indian volumes after the Black Studies tomes), we now find shelves of science … Continue reading

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Lots of People Are Liking “Oh No”

So Oh No, my game about escaping Michel Foucault, has been enjoyed by quite a few people. First there was this Metafilter thread. Then there was this Paris Review blog post. It led me to a lot of people tweeting about … Continue reading

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Riff Raff and Haters

In an interview with VLADTV, Riff Raff was asked about haters. It starts at about 1:53 into the video. How do you deal with haters? I don’t. That’s the whole deal. I don’t deal with them. Because no matter what … Continue reading

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Druillet’s “Agorn”

  This is a page from Heavy Metal v.1, issue #2. It is from 1977. It is from the story “Agorn” by Druillet. HOLY SHIT IS IT AMAZING I am overworked right now. No proper post. Just this image.

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The Opening Editor’s Note for Heavy Metal Magazine

Metal Hurlant means “screaming metal” — whatever that means. It was, and still is, issued by the Associated Humanoids. The magazine appears to be the work of an alien intelligence, as indeed it is. It is French. French is a … Continue reading

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Released: Oh No

I made a new game called Oh No. Go play it. So last night I was trying to implement a new combat system in RPG Maker VX ACE (which is literally hell to do). My idea is to make a JRPG where there … Continue reading

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On Alan Wake

I spent most of my time with Alan Wake controlling Alan Wake and saying “Alan, wake up” in a silly voice under my breath. For some reason, I think that’s how the game should be played. Alan Wake in short sentences: I … Continue reading

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