Nonhuman Life: Announcement and Book List

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This semester I will be taking an independent study on the concept of “nonhuman life.” As a part of that, I have decided to make my weekly notes, small essays, or whatever from the class available publicly–thus, for the next fifteen weeks or so, there will be a thing once a week called “Nonhuman Life” here on the blog. Each week will cover a different book and I will say some things about the book.

That is all unnecessarily formal.

Here is the (tentative) list of books that I will be writing about. Some might get added or dropped, of course. They are organized by “cluster”–I am trying to focus on both the speculative turn/postKantianism and how that interfaces with how we think through the notion of “life” in the current field of philosophy or whatever. I am also including links below in case you, for some reason, want to run off to Amazon immediately and buy any of these books.

Additionally, the posts that I will be making over the course of the class will be open for comment, and I encourage anyone who wants to read along and have a conversation to do so.

Cluster 1: Kant

Cluster 2: Relations

Cluster 3: Life

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