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The Robo-proletariat

In a continuing cycle where Ben Abraham writes something, Daniel Joseph responds, and I comment on what they both wrote, here I am doing it again. Ben wrote a post titled “The End-Game of Labour Automation Meets Social Media” in … Continue reading

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On Players and Designers

Ben Abraham made a post about the claim game developers often make about “players” and what players want. What Ben comes to, in serious tl;dr fashion, is that “shit is complicated.” It is difficult to represent all possible humans in … Continue reading

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Praising Difficulty, Opacity, and the Incomprehensible

Ben Abraham does a reading of the Alt Lit movement and points out some interesting things about it (and some problems). I think he hits on something really amazing, though, when he writes . . . what would it mean truly for a … Continue reading

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On Prometheus

So I have been puzzling over a Prometheus post for a few weeks now–in fact, I’ve been thinking about it since I made this post where I tried to answer some of the answerable questions of the film. However, what finally … Continue reading

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