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Jean Epstein on discontinuity and continuity

Discontinuity becomes continuity only once it has entered the movie-viewer. It is a purely interior phenomenon. Outside the viewing subject there is no movement, no flux, no light in the mosaics of light and shadow that the screen always displays … Continue reading

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Sara Ahmed on bodies and space

So, yes, we can remember that some space are already occupied. They even take the shape of bodies that occupy them. Bodies also take the shape of the spaces they occupy and of the work they do. And yet sometimes … Continue reading

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Sara Ahmed on the making of worlds

Inhabiting a body that is not extended by the skin of the social means the world acquires a new shape and makes new impressions. Becoming a lesbian taught me about the very point of how life gets directed and how … Continue reading

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On Experience-Taking

This is a quick bit of writing about “experience-taking,” which is a term created by Lisa Libby and Geoff Kaufman, from Ohio State and Dartmouth, respectively. If you don’t care about what I have to say about it, just read … Continue reading

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James Stanescu in Hypatia

This is really just a short bit to say that James “Scu” Stanescu has a new article out in Hypatia named “Species Trouble: Judith Butler, Mourning, and the Precarious Lives of Animals.” It appears to be behind a pay wall if you … Continue reading

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