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Mark Gonzales on Not Speaking

MG: I like it and I hate it. I don’t really like the marketing or the business of skateboarding…the sport by itself, I just like skateboarding, it’s fun, it’s a fun thing to do. You don’t like photosessions either? MG: … Continue reading

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On Losing a Game of Civilization V

Yesterday I marathon’d a day-long game of Civilization V while getting over some kind of full-body funk. Not a good P-Funkadelic-funk, but a disease trying to colonize my body and turn me into a meatpuppet for nefarious means-funk. So I sat and … Continue reading

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Glissant and Opacity

So I have done a little work with Glissant in the past, but I’m now sitting down and working through Poetics of Relation. It is amazing stuff, and it is really informing the stuff that I am doing right now on … Continue reading

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On Thirty Flights of Loving

I really, really enjoyed Thirty Flights of Loving. It was made by Blendo Games aka Brendon Chung.  I enjoyed it not because of how it cuts up space, though I did like that aspect. But film already does that–I like to … Continue reading

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Praising Difficulty, Opacity, and the Incomprehensible

Ben Abraham does a reading of the Alt Lit movement and points out some interesting things about it (and some problems). I think he hits on something really amazing, though, when he writes . . . what would it mean truly for a … Continue reading

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On Prometheus

So I have been puzzling over a Prometheus post for a few weeks now–in fact, I’ve been thinking about it since I made this post where I tried to answer some of the answerable questions of the film. However, what finally … Continue reading

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