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Adrienne Shaw on the lost queer potential of Fable

All of these choices and changes are clearly tied to programmatic decisions. How NPCs react to and form relationships to my character are coded into the characters’ artificial intelligence. Arguably the goal in some of the NPC reactions is to … Continue reading

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Can We Kindly? by Samantha Allen

This is a guest post, which isn’t a normal thing for this blog, but I read Samantha’s piece and immediately offered to put it here. So here it is. – CK -+-+-+-+-+- Samantha Allen is a transgender woman, ex-Mormon and … Continue reading

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Halberstam on disciplinarity

Indeed terms like serious and rigorous tend to be code words, in academia as well as other contexts, for disciplinary correctness; they signal a form of training and learning that confirms what is already known according to approved methods of knowing, but they do … Continue reading

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de Castell and Bryson on utopia

So our argument is for disenchantment, and for the abandonment of a utopian landscape of desire that has never been anything but entrapment. Suzanne de Castell and Mary Bryson “Retooling Play: Dystopia, Dysphoria, and Difference”

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Sara Ahmed on bodies and space

So, yes, we can remember that some space are already occupied. They even take the shape of bodies that occupy them. Bodies also take the shape of the spaces they occupy and of the work they do. And yet sometimes … Continue reading

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Sara Ahmed on the making of worlds

Inhabiting a body that is not extended by the skin of the social means the world acquires a new shape and makes new impressions. Becoming a lesbian taught me about the very point of how life gets directed and how … Continue reading

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