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A Moment of Pause in Just Cause 2

This isn’t something long or thought out–it is just a feeling that I got. Part of this has to do with the draft of an article that Samatha Allen wrote in response to/spurred by/alongside a presentation that I gave at … Continue reading

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Mattie, Maddy, and Me

There are two essays that you need to read before reading what I am about to write: Mattie Brice – “Would You Kindly” Maddy Myers – “Why Do I Like Violent Video Games So Much” These essays share a topic–violence … Continue reading

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David Lulka on the lawn

The condition of the lawn in winter presents a more difficult set of issues. The immanence of grass presents no ethical challenge when lawns remain stagnant in the late summer heat. During winter and spring, however, immanence rears its head … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy IX: Destruction

This essay is part of my Final Fantasy IX series of articles. This is the first scene of mass destruction we are presented with in Final Fantasy IX. It is the eidolon Atomos being summoned to destroy the citystate of Lindblum. You can … Continue reading

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On Spec Ops: The Line

My thoughts on Spec Ops: The Line in short: the art department is brilliant. I think that the plot, the “twist,” and the gameplay were all generic whatever fare. I think that the aesthetic is inspired, and I honestly believe that those … Continue reading

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Designing Horror: The White Chamber

This post is part of the Designing Horror series. Game: The White Chamber by Studio Trophis (which doesn’t properly exist anymore.) The White Chamber is about a woman who wakes up in a coffin on a spaceship. The station is abandoned (seemingly) except for … Continue reading

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Sega Shock Collar

Today is Friday. I am busy trying to make something really cool happen. This is a video where two people hook a shock collar up to a Sega Genesis. The most interesting part of it is how quickly they become … Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Video Game Death

There are two kinds of death in video games. 1. Halo death. This death is characterized by out inability to understand it or perceive it as death. In reality, this is your standard FPS kind of death, a “bang bang you’re … Continue reading

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What Will We Simulate Next?

Epic is licensing the Unreal 3 engine to the government. Read the press release here. On face, this all looks like great stuff. A number of games that are being developed are designed around simulation that prepares specialists for difficult … Continue reading

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Real Life Superheroes

So you should read about Chris Kyle in this article. This is how superheroes are going to appear in the real world. It’s not going to be what Grant Morrison thinks that it will–Superman isn’t going to show up. The … Continue reading

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