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Bernard De Koven on approaching death

If you want to do something for me or because of me, grieving is not what I need. What I need is for you to continue your play/work however you can. Play games. Play the kind of games I like to … Continue reading

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Taussig on Calling from Two Sides

Months later at night, drinking the strong medicine which makes your head swim, singing the while in ebbs and flows of pictures, the topic of these kids came up. I strongly doubt that the healer and I would have talked … Continue reading

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de Certeau on Writing and Death

To write (this book), then, is to be forced to march through enemy territory, in the very area where loss prevails, beyond the protected domain that had been delimited by the act of localizing death elsewhere. It is to produce … Continue reading

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On the Death of Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall is gone. There isn’t much for me to say. It is hard to speak of an absence felt so clearly that it becomes present — Stuart Hall’s death is less the loss of a person and more the … Continue reading

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State of Decay – The First Two Deaths

Marcus drove his car up to the abandoned church slowly. He was looking for a friend who needed help hunting a Feral. He had never seen a Feral before. There was something in the doorway of the church. Marcus didn’t … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Death as a Language

In Call of Duty: Ghosts there is a map called “Whiteout” and within that map I often wander. I roam the map in solitude because despite always coming to this map in order to play team-based activities, I never manage to play … Continue reading

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On The 3 Snake Leaves

Emily Carroll is probably my favorite working comics author right now (only surpassing James Kochalka because American Elf is over and I have no interest in J.K.’s other work). His Face All Red is the pinnacle of horror comics, and Margot’s Room absolutely destroys me in … Continue reading

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