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On 100 Bullets

1. The characters in 100 Bullets are all noir stereotypes turned up to eleven in the most outrageous ways. Every woman is both unbelievably beautiful and unthinkably manipulative, weaving sexual traps for men to fall into. The men are two-fisted brutes or … Continue reading

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New Review in ImageText

A little more than a year ago I did a review of Bart Beaty’s Comics Vs Art for ImageText, and after a little waiting, it is out! I’m really happy with the review, especially because I did it so long ago and … Continue reading

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Comics vs. Games

TIFF Nexus, possibly the worst-named entity of all time, has been sponsoring or holding or doing something with game jams in Toronto. Even though the guy explains it in the video, I am really confused about the whole thing–but my … Continue reading

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Alan Moore Won An Award

I am always filled with joy when people win awards for works that I really enjoyed. Alan Moore won the first-ever Bram Stoker Award in the category of “Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel.” That’s a long and pretentious title, … Continue reading

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On The Authority

If you’re up on the Twitter wire, you might know that sometime last week, in a fit of strange nostalgia, I read Ellis/Hitch issues of The Authority. A little bit of confessional bio for a second: The Authority is the first “run” … Continue reading

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Real Life Superheroes

So you should read about Chris Kyle in this article. This is how superheroes are going to appear in the real world. It’s not going to be what Grant Morrison thinks that it will–Superman isn’t going to show up. The … Continue reading

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Supergods was super lame

I finished Grant Morrison’s Supergods around Christmas. I’ve been sitting on it since then–I didn’t really know what to say about it, but I was certain that I had things to say, and so I was trapped in the middle of … Continue reading

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