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Game Criticism Time Machine: Seanbeanland on WoW

Game Criticism Time Machine is a weekly series where I find game criticism from more than a year ago, post an excerpt, and encourage you to read the piece. As far as RPG quests go, this was about as stereotypical … Continue reading

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Alexander Galloway on World of Warcraft Accompanied By My Big Fight Photos

Here the interface is awash in information. Even someone unfamiliar with the game will notice that the nondiegetic portion of the interface is as important if not more so than the diegetic portion. Gauges and dials have superseded lenses and … Continue reading

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On Darius Kazemi’s “Zeno of Elea”

I should have spent the break between semesters planning my course materials for the spring and working on my thesis, but instead I was playing World of Warcraft for “research,” which really meant performing the rote task of grinding in order to … Continue reading

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