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Alan Moore on Writing

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Stuart Elden on V For Vendetta and Guy Fawkes Masks

It is a curious combination of images, histories, politics and symbols—a Catholic revolutionary, executed for treason, a peculiar heritage in British popular commemoration, a right-wing blog site, a graphic novel, a Hollywood film disowned by the graphic novel’s writer, a … Continue reading

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Current Times 28

This is the kind of post where I post links to things that I have been reading or been reading about over the past couple weeks (or this morning, depending.) If you want to see past Current Times, click here. … Continue reading

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David Brothers on Before Watchmen

If you haven’t been keeping up with the comic news, you might not know that DC Comics has decided to publish a…thing called Before Watchmen. The basic concept is that there will be 35 or so issues of prequel stories to Alan … Continue reading

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Alan Moore Won An Award

I am always filled with joy when people win awards for works that I really enjoyed. Alan Moore won the first-ever Bram Stoker Award in the category of “Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel.” That’s a long and pretentious title, … Continue reading

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Is Watchmen the Best Comic?

I love the title up there. It reminds me of some of the greatest arguments that fanboys and third-graders have ever had, those beautiful “My ______ can beat up your _____” kinds of affairs. I prefer “my dad could beat … Continue reading

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On Alan Moore and the Mask

We all know the mask, the Guy Fawkes mask that shows up in photos of kids getting pepper sprayed by cops. If you don’t know, the use of the mask as a symbol of protest has its contemporary roots in … Continue reading

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