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You Buy It I Write It: Bientôt L’été

This is part of my policy of playing anything someone purchases for me. You can read more about that here. This is going to be shorter than the other posts in this series just because I don’t have very much … Continue reading

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Catachresis Kickstarter Rewards!

I spent most of this last weekend fulfilling the rewards from the Kickstarter I ran for Catachresis. If you had a story written about yourself, you can find that here. If you had an image or animation made of yourself, … Continue reading

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Brian Taylor on Cameras (and The Last of Us)

Audiences know that you can’t make a film without a camera. For a long time, Hollywood-style editing and cinematography developed to minimize the audience’s awareness of the camera. What would have been unacceptable in these films, visual acknowledgement of the … Continue reading

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Derrida on Althusser (dead)

At the bottom, I know that Louis doesn’t hear me; he hears me only inside me, inside us (though we are only ever ourselves from that place within us where the other, the mortal other, resonates). And I know well … Continue reading

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Interview with Me on First Person Scholar

I was interviewed for First Person Scholar last month and it went up today. A taste: FPS: So we’ve actually had this conversation quite a bit lately among the FPS editorial staff about what makes good satire in a game. But I’m guessing you … Continue reading

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“an immature and outrageous satire”: on Grand Theft Auto 5, Satire, and Irony

TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of sexual assault I finished Grand Theft Auto V this past weekend. I’m not sure if this post is really about that game, but it is certainly about the circuit of culture that creates legions of fans who will defend a … Continue reading

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Joe Culp on Halo 4

You walk into this place and you know it’s time to put on the Vai. It’s like a crazy alien cathedral with a laser floor that you can see through. Reminds me of Lego space sets or Super Soakers in the … Continue reading

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