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A Document of Trash Talking

The video says it all, but this is a document of trash talking that I have made. It is a weird thing.

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A Rifle, a Helicopter, and a Jet

I literally screamlaughed when this happened, and I thought that it was important to capture it and package it for the YouTube audience.

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Grand Theft Auto III and Gamer Memory

A transcript/just a script that I read: Grand Theft Auto 3 looms large over the past fifteen years of gaming. It sold itself on the idea that you can do everything, and it broke the concept of “open world” into … Continue reading

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Daniel Joseph on Grand Theft Auto V

While the creators at Rockstar might not have intended it or really cared to think about it, the characters they created were logical extensions of a hellscape, a world surrounded on all sites by invisible walls, clockwork traffic patterns simultaneously … Continue reading

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“an immature and outrageous satire”: on Grand Theft Auto 5, Satire, and Irony

TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of sexual assault I finished Grand Theft Auto V this past weekend. I’m not sure if this post is really about that game, but it is certainly about the circuit of culture that creates legions of fans who will defend a … Continue reading

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Why is Grand Theft Auto V So Conservative?

This post doesn’t have any spoilers that I am aware of. I. I’ve played something like ten hours of Grand Theft Auto V and while I don’t feel like I have a good read on the structure of the game, where it … Continue reading

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Two Scenes From a Grand Theft Auto 5 Playthrough

It was midnight. Franklin walked through the Vinewood Hills. He hid and then wandered around gated estates, hopping easily over walls and fences. Houses were large blocks with textures that displayed, clipped, did not look quite right, and behind those … Continue reading

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