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The Tragedy of The Witcher 2

Spoilers for The Witcher games. I’ve been playing through The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings very slowly over the past few weeks, and during my time playing through the game I am continually struck by how the series sets you up for a long-term … Continue reading

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Indie and AAA and a Complex Relationship

I have some feelings about a recent sentiment expressed by Patrick Lindsay on twitter. He told me that I could quote him here, so I’m going to for brevity’s sake: AAA is the process of trying to say something to … Continue reading

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Why is Grand Theft Auto V So Conservative?

This post doesn’t have any spoilers that I am aware of. I. I’ve played something like ten hours of Grand Theft Auto V and while I don’t feel like I have a good read on the structure of the game, where it … Continue reading

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Shaviro’s Redux of The Cinematic Body

It’s rare for academics who work in the realm of critical theory, or poststructuralist theory, or other such things in the humanities, even to polemicize against cognitivism: either because they are naively unaware of its institutional power, or because they … Continue reading

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