Mark Gonzales on Not Speaking

MG: I like it and I hate it. I don’t really like the marketing or the business of skateboarding…the sport by itself, I just like skateboarding, it’s fun, it’s a fun thing to do.

You don’t like photosessions either?

MG: No. I mean, it was difficult for me to do this here with you, I didn’t want to. I was going to tell another kid to come with you guys, you know, I told you on the phone. So…


MG: It takes away what’s special about it, when you, when you video or when you…you know, when you explain something, you, you know people either beli–listen to what you say and they understand or they don’t understand, and I would rather not give them the opportunity to understand or not understand. It is better to not say nothing than to say something.

– Mark Gonzales, here

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