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Suspicion Under Everything: Riff Raff Meets Boris Groys

A little information before we get to the proper bit of this post: Groys is doing phenomenology so everything emanates from the necessity of a subject/observer in the following. I’m still not sure where I sit with phenomenology on the … Continue reading

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Boris Groys on the Materiality of Signs

After all, signs are material; they are primarily things, objects in the world. Just as real, material, and finite are such sign carriers as books, paintings, films, computers, museums, and libraries, as well as stones, animals, humans, societies, and nation-states. … Continue reading

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Boris Groys, Ernst Jünger, Agent 47: Identity and the Hitman Franchise

I recently finished Boris Groys’ Introduction to Antiphilosophy, which I enjoyed quite a bit. It is a collection of essays that Groys wrote at various times; as he says in the introduction, they were not written to be read together, but … Continue reading

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Some Preliminary Thoughts on Groys’ Art Power

I started reading Boris Groys’ Art Power yesterday. Well, by “started reading” I mean that I slogged through the introduction; I find Groys fascinating but dry, which is probably more of a byproduct of translation than anything else. I enjoyed the opening … Continue reading

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