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Return to Skyrim: Whiterun and a Dragon’s Death

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Designing Horror: Hugo’s House of Horrors

This post is part of the Designing Horror series. Game: Hugo’s House of Horrors (a complete playthrough at youtube) I picked this game because Darius suggested it to me over Twitter. I remember the game faintly–it was on one of those shareware … Continue reading

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Flusser on life

Life on earth is a specialized formulation or organization of this peculiar solution. Essentially, life can be regarded as drops of specialized seawater that eventually dissipate into unspecialized seawater. If we can imagine another planet covered in oceans of even … Continue reading

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James Kochalka’s “In Defense of Meat”

I wrote a little bit about how unhappy I was with James Kochalka’s “In Defense of Meat” a few days ago (in the context of a much larger, glowing review of Digestate.) James commented that he thought that I was misrepresenting his … Continue reading

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Return To Skyrim: Communing With A Chicken in Riverwood

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On Black Hole

WARNING: This post probably isn’t work safe or mind safe. There is some body horror and some straight-up violence.  What is Black Hole about? I’ll just let Burns explain. Right. Black Hole is about a disease that affects teenagers, and about the lives of … Continue reading

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Return to Skyrim: Opening Through Bleak Falls Barrow

I am replaying Skyrim. I am taking screenshots as I go. I’m trying to document it in the same way that a war photographer would. I’m certainly not pretending that the character is me. Instead, I follow her. I guide … Continue reading

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Supplement to Black Hole

I just finished Charles Burns’ Black Hole.  It is brilliant, and I am working on a longer post about the comic. But, in a circular move, I am posting this supplement to the comic first. One of the story conceits of … Continue reading

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Up Interviews Theron Jacobs

This isn’t content. Instead, its an index, a pointing finger that shouts “look” through its pokey-poke powers. Theron Jacobs, noted internet poet and twitterati, was interviewed by Up, which “exists as a space dedicated to writers and artists driven to create … Continue reading

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