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On Astrid’s Animation

There aren’t many positions for characters to be in when you are playing Skyrim. They’re walking, they’re standing, they’re fighting. The Jarls, basically the lords of the different holds, have an pose where they lounge far back in their chairs. But … Continue reading

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Return To Skyrim: Dragons, Thieves, Chitin, Magic, and Ugly Hats

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Return to Skyrim: Whiterun and a Dragon’s Death

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Return To Skyrim: Communing With A Chicken in Riverwood

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Return to Skyrim: Opening Through Bleak Falls Barrow

I am replaying Skyrim. I am taking screenshots as I go. I’m trying to document it in the same way that a war photographer would. I’m certainly not pretending that the character is me. Instead, I follow her. I guide … Continue reading

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Talking in Video Games

Patrick Holleman has a really smart article over at The Game Design Forum titled “Because It’s There: Collected Thoughts on Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.” I would suggest that you go read the whole thing, but if that isn’t your bag, let … Continue reading

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Video Game Pacifism

I’ve been emailed this article by several people now, and I think that I should probably comment on it now. The Wall Street Journal profiled a series of Skyrim videos about “Felix the Peaceful Monk.” The basic idea of the character … Continue reading

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