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Laure and the Sacred (1)

I have been reading the collected writings of Laure, aka Colette Peignot, over the past couple days. I’m not very far into the book, but there are already a few things that I want to note for the future. The … Continue reading

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On Rhythm and Comics

Elizabeth Grosz writes in Chaos, Territory, Art that The first artist, for Deleuze, is the architect, the one who distinguishes inside from outside, who draws a boundary, as we have discussed previously. This boundary is not self-protective but erotico-proprietorial: it defines a … Continue reading

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Looking for a Face

I. What does it mean for a computer to understand my face? What does it mean for it to interpret me; what do I look like to a computer? II. I look at my computer. A black box, but not … Continue reading

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Sega Shock Collar

Today is Friday. I am busy trying to make something really cool happen. This is a video where two people hook a shock collar up to a Sega Genesis. The most interesting part of it is how quickly they become … Continue reading

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Praising Difficulty, Opacity, and the Incomprehensible

Ben Abraham does a reading of the Alt Lit movement and points out some interesting things about it (and some problems). I think he hits on something really amazing, though, when he writes . . . what would it mean truly for a … Continue reading

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A Battle Before the Beginning of Time

I am fascinated with the idea of the “battle before time” in video games. A conflict that happened before the player existed, independent of the game world’s existence as only there for player consumption. I, like a few others (most especially … Continue reading

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