The Creation of Games

I have returned from Boston unscathed, but scarred, and I don’t have much of anything content-wise to show you today. There will be a longer post later in the week about Gameloop and the experiences that I had over the past couple days, including a rundown of panels for those of you who are totally into reading about panels at conferences that you didn’t attend (I am totally into that.)

In any case, I found this while looking at Next Nature this morning: the spaces where games are made.

The argument being made by the piece is brilliant–games don’t just magically appear. Angry Birds wasn’t a fever-dream production that flopped out of someone’s brainspace over coffee. Games are objects that require hammering and finessing, like creating a fine golden chain; they also require you to do a lot of shit labor, like digging a mine to get that gold.

See more of them here.

The project was created by Marc Da Cunha Lopes and the photographs originated at Amusement, but I will be damned if I can actually find them on the website (direct attributive links are awesome, people.)

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