Mitu Khandaker Talks About Games

So this happened like two months ago. I missed the initial broadcast and sometime between broadcast and podcasting, I forgot to actually listen to Mitu talk about video games. However, this past weekend I finally sat down to listen. The podcast itself is fifteen minutes long, which means that you can probably take some time out of your busy day to chill the hell out and listen to some video game talk.

The whole setup of the radio show sets her up as defensive from the start–the person who talks Khandaker in likens game players with sex offenders, for example, and though she has to play defense a little (particularly on violence), she does a really great job of explaining the inherent worth of video games as “objects we use to think through [problems]”. Video games are simulation moments, safe places where we can work out larger or smaller issues–the “safe mode” of lived reality, if you will.

In any case, listen to it here.

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